Interior Design

Creating a home is an act of love for the space we inhabit


When all the components of your home are in harmony, there is synthesis - they come together as a new whole. It brings peace to the eyes and mind.

I fell immediately in love with this teak table when I entered the antique shop by chance one day. It became our family dinner table, with its own history to which we added with every meal we shared.

Above the table is the amazing designer lamp by Tom Dixon, called Melt because it glows inside. I received it as a gift from my mother for our new home, a dream come true as this lamp beautifully reflects the colour and shape of the table, becoming a magical (atmo)sphere at night.

On the table is a self-made plant piece that I enjoyed putting together. It consists of different sempre vivi plants, which suit the dark wood and are easy in upkeep.

The easel in the corner holds a painting that was a gift from an old artist friend. On the other side of the table is the dolls house from my childhood. On the counter is a yellow bowl hand made by the artist Nimet. I bought it on the market in Istanbul, bringing memories of other cultures and travels into our home.


Plants make a space come alive, and bring a smile to your eyes when in harmony with all the other elements around them.

I found these lovely wall stickers in a museum in New Zealand, easy to attach and a very original addition to the home.

The lamp is from Silvan, and adds to the overall composition.

My vision of the home is a place that reflects your personality and values. It tells the story of who you are, where you have come from, and who you want to be. This is why you have to choose the elements in your home carefully.


Colours create an atmosphere for our emotional space. Choosing a colour scheme helps to create harmony.

In my home, I chose for ochre tones to bring warmth to the space. It matches the warm wooded floor and furniture. I even hand painted the kitchen wall to give it a bit of a

Mediterranean flavour!

The sofa pillows have different patterns to create that bohemian style, together with the many plants and unique decorations.


Bringing in beautiful, meaningful objects collected over the years, or found at flea markets, is more exciting and personal than buying new, expensive designer items.

This handmade dolls house stems from my childhood and for many years it was forgotten and unused. Now, it has become a center piece in our home, standing on a beautiful sewing cabinet that I found at a local flea market. Most importantly, the dolls house is used again, now by my daughter!

Home making is about finding the best balance between a beautiful, a confortable and a practical space. Above all, it has to be livable - a home cannot be a museum nor should it be treated like a storage space. When you take care of having just the right amount of things needed for living, and give these their rightful place, you can enjoy the space for being rather than for having.


A home should be a space for resting, but also to provide opportunities for self development and discovery.

It has always been my dream to have a library at home, bringing together all my interests from art to architecture, from travelling to psychology, cooking and gardening, and of course literature for myself and my daughter.

To the right, you can see an old style lecturn that we found left behind on the street - I love the circular economy!

The lamp is Gubi design and looks stunning above the antique teak desk which you can also find in the design museum in Copenhagen - we found out by surprise!


Our home should be a space where we thrive, mentally and physically.

On our terrace, I created a corner to grow herbs - a source of health for the body and mind, as gardening is a mindful activity.

We choose not to have curtains in order to bring as much light inside as possible. Light is energy, and we all need it to stay positive.

It would be my greatest pleasure to visit your house and create it into your home. Please get in touch if you would like to meet and discuss, without obligation, the opportunities of your space!