Agnes Mlicka

I believe in empowerment through education, community building, active citizenship and designing spaces in which humans can flourish.

Therefore, I design spaces and experiences for people to connect, share, learn and transform. To facilitate these processes, I use innovative visual and co-design methods, based on my own research in the field of art and architecture. If you are interested in workshop facilitation, courses using innovative pedagogical methods, or interior design consultation, please get in touch!

Agnes Mlicka

Copenhagen, Denmark

Visual Facilitation

Making meetings memorable and transformative learning is at the core of my work at Visual Agency. I use the method of collaborative visual thinking to stimulate curiosity, creativity and collaboration.


I design and teach workshops and courses to engage children, youth and adults in contemporary global issues such as sustainability, climate change and the pandemic. I also offer courses on the creative thinking process and various types of self development workshops. 


In my interdisciplinary practice-led research I investigated how collaborative painting can be used in the field of architecture, in particular at an early design stage and as a learning method for architecture students, to improve team collaboration, to consider the larger context, and to understand and consider other points of view.

My expertise includes: contemporary painting, critical spatial practice, spatial agency, the production of space, participatory practice and codesign.

Fine Art

I studied Fine Art at the University of Oxford and specialised in painting, drawing and installation art at the University of the Arts London.

My works deal with urban planning, spatial construction and the psychology of interior space. My art has been presented at over 35 group and solo exhibitions, and my works hang in private homes and institutional collections.

Interior Design

Creating a home that is both beautiful and practical is a challenge, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the things we want to keep and need to store.

Home making is my great passion, and I have a good eye for finding simple and sustainable solutions to problems of space, while bringing a touch of identity to your home.