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Polish deConstruction

Polish deConstruction (PdC) was a voluntary, non-profit organisation that acted as a platform for the creative Polish community in the UK from 2007 to 2009. The aim of the organisation was to create a positive image of Poles in the UK, at a time when most of the (negative) associations related to Polish construction workers. The organisation continued with a new team as Deconstruction Project from 2010 to 2013.


During my involvement in Polish deConstruction, from March 2008 to December 2009, the organisation grew substantially and made a significant impact on London’s cultural scene. In my role as co-director, I closely collaborated with Agata Smuzniak and Marzena Zoladz (founders of PdC), a creative and enthusiastic team, and a group of thirteen amazing volunteers. We managed a network of around 30 creative practitioners, 50 artists and 1626 newsletter subscribers. In two years, we realised 17 events and a further 6 in partnership with major Polish institutions including the Polish embassy and the Polish Cultural Institute. Our diversity of cultural events included exhibitions, artist talks, an art auction, a creative camp, an art speed 'dating' event and several networking meetings. The success of these events was reflected in the ongoing media coverage resulting in many articles (see below), and attracted an international crowd, thereby challenging preconceptions of the Polish community.


The archive demonstrates what Polish deConstruction achieved from 2007 to 2009, by showing articles written by the media, a list of all events and screenshots from the website

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Media Articles

An interesting and informative article about Polish deConstruction changing into Deconstruction Project:

'Beyond Polish community in London: about homeless photography and artistic deconstruction'.


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Dajmy Sobie Szanse

Polish DeConstruction
Nowy Czas

I Produce Your Space
Nowy Czas

Sztuka Szuka
Nowy Czas

Biznes dla Sztuki, Sztuka dla Biznesu
Nowy Czas

Dekonstrukcja kilku mitow
Nowy Czas

Polish deConstruction Launch Party

Galeria Bezdomna w Londynie
Nowy Czas

Oboz pracy tworczej
Nowy Czas

Dom na zdjecia
Nowy Czas

Jazz ze Wschodu

Bezdomna, ale swiatowa
Polish Express

Klub Filmowy w Cargo
Nowy Czas

Ziggy Dust w Sypialni
written for PdC website

Wnikac coraz glebiej w siebie

Drugie Zycie Bones'a
Dziennik Polski






19.09.2007 Artist Talk 1 with Film Screening: Marzena Zoladz, Agata Smuzniak and Piotr Rozanski (at Ognisko Polskie)
27.11.2007 Artist Talk 2: Aleksandra Ostszewska, Anna Wawrzkowicz and Klaudiusz Zembrzuski (at the Waterloo Centre)
18.02.2008 Artist Talk 3: Ewa Lis, Damian Chrobak and Robert Rybicki (at Cargo)
06.05.2008 Artist Talk 4: Antoni Malinowski & Agnieszka Mlicka (at Cargo)
14.05.2008 Auction 'Business for Art – Art for Business' (at the Polish Embassy), in collaboration with the British Polish Business Club
11.07.2008 PdC Website Launch Party with presentation of work by Polish artists and music by DJ Vujazz (at Dogstar)
07.07.2008 Cargo Gallery Launch, Exhibition of paintings by Agnieszka Mlicka (at Cargo)
22-25.08.2008 Creative Camp: a weekend away for teambuilding and networking, with workshops in journalism, photography (photoshop), drawing, painting, a debate and discussion and many sport possibilities
21.08.2008 Theatre Play 'Orte' by Fieter (at The Foundry), in partnership with theatre group Fieter
13-15.08.2008 Photography exhibition 'The Homeless Gallery' (at the Shoreditch Town Hall)
19-27.09.2008 The First East-European Jazz Festival, organised and hosted by Jazz Café POSK in London in collaboration with Polish deConstruction
23.09.2008 Artist Talk 5 with Film Screening: film director Rafal Kapelinski (at Cargo)
27.10.2008 Artist Talk 6: The Shadows of the Space, by Justyna Chudzinska and Karolina Raczynski (at Cargo)
17.11-13.12.2008 Exhibition 'The Shadows of Space' by Justyna Chudzinska and Karolina Raczynski (at Cargo)
07.12.2008 SpeeD'ArTE: an artist networking event (at the Foundry)
23+30.03.2009 Polish Shorts 'Kinoteka', in partnership with The Polish Cultural Institute and Shorts International (at Cargo and Bar Kick)
30.04.2009 Every Last Thursday: Constructive Network, with Special Guest Zbigniew Colbecki (knowns as Ziggy, the dancing street cleaner from Chiswick (The Bedroom Bar)
11-14.05.2009 Polish Drama! in collaboration with The Bones Theatre, four days of theatre workshops, a workshop presentation, a film screening and a panel discussion (at POSK)
28.05.2009 Every Last Thursday: Constructive Network (at The Bedroom Bar)
25.06.2009 Every Last Thursday: Constructive Network (at The Bedroom Bar)
30.07.2009 Every Last Thursday: Constructive Network (at The Bedroom Bar)
27.08.2009 Every Last Thursday: Constructive Network (at The Bedroom Bar)
24.09.2009 Every Last Thursday: Constructive Network (at The Bedroom Bar)
02-03.2010 Painting Exhibition 'Ponglish for Beginners', organised by Stephen Campbell in partnership with Polish deConstruction (at From Space, Salford, UK)

Website Screenshots

Below are screenshots of the PdC website from December 2009 (click on the images to enlarge).